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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does eCOMPAS cost ?

    eCOMPAS is customized to your particular needs and therefore can accommodate a wide range of budgets. Start the process by Requesting More Information or Requesting a Quote. We can give you ballparks after learning about your needs and environment in an initial conversation.

  • How quickly does it take to implement eCOMPAS ?

    We are skilled at rapid implementations, however all of our implementations follow a plan that we develop closely with you. Depending on your organization, the modules you select, and your time constraints, full implementation can range from weeks to months.

  • My staff and our providers don’t like change; how do you deal with change ?

    All systems involve change, and even beneficial change can be resisted by end-users if not properly handled. We have an excellent track record in developing custom plans that involve key stakeholders and end users in the planning process, gaining buy-in, for a smooth, headache-free implementation. Ask about our large system migration case study involving 25 Providers and several hundred users. You can even talk to the users themselves to see how smooth it was.

  • Is eCOMPAS related to COMPASS ?

    No, there is no relation. eCOMPAS stands for "Electronic Comprehensive Outcomes Measurement Program for Accountability and Success" and developed by RDE Systems. It is very different from COMPASS™ and there is no relation. eCOMPAS is now more commonly referred to as e2.

  • Can you tell me more about your team and approach ?

    eCOMPAS was developed and is operated by RDE Systems, LLC, a New Jersey-based company that has been serving the public sector for over 25 years, founded and owned by Rutgers; University’s first Chief Technologist who developed the first technology curriculum for the Masters of Public Administration program. RDE holds NJ State Contracts and a Federal GSA Schedule, and does business nationally.

    All of our business is the result of referrals and word of mouth, as opposed to maintaining a sales force. Therefore our reputation is our key to success. We will not take on a project if it is set up to fail, regardless of the financial component, because our track record and reputation is too important. We are therefore a long-term oriented partner, who only succeeds if you succeed.

    At RDE, we have been charged with making eCOMPAS a successful system and approach. Implementing the best technology is worthless without good people. Our mission in developing leading technology therefore is to bring out the best in all of the people responsible for the overall success of each project. Our belief is that people are the most important component in success, and all people are capable of new levels of greatness.

    People are often constrained by old work processes, so we also see our mission to help develop more intelligent work processes to reduce unnecessary burdens on staff, increase usability of information, and take complex interagency success to a whole new level. New technology often enables new kinds of work processes that are more productive and less stressful.

    The best way to develop technologies and processes that work on the front lines is simply to listen. We elicit all perspectives from all stakeholders, knowing that it is the integration of different perspectives that yields the best insights and the most creative and usable systems.

    Likewise, the best programs in the world will never realize success if there is no effective communication about the program. We therefore value and emphasize the need for honest, two-way communication strategies tailored for different stakeholders that engage people before plans are made and continue throughout program development and operation. Good communication is time- and energy- intensive, but the alternative is much more costly in the end.

    What good is a partner who stays in a box? We believe in doing whatever it takes for our clients to be successful, and not limiting ourselves to a scope of work. This success-driven services approach is realized through valuing and supporting flexibility, listening to people on the front lines, and believing that creativity and persistence can overcome any obstacle. And we couldn’t take this approach without the support of our senior management and the trust from our clients to experiment with new ideas.

    Our door is always open, and we’d love to hear from you – perhaps a new idea is just around the corner from reality. Click here to contact us.