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eCOMPAS Online Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment Screenshot 1

Aggregate, easy-to-use, graphically formatted data, improves the usability,efficiency, and understandability of data

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Real-time data means that the team can get a much better handle on needs assessment results and can use that to inform the rest of the administration of the survey

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Surveys can be multi-lingual, and are very easy to use for those with low computer literacy skills.

Features Benefits
No Setup – eCOMPAS staff will transform your survey instrument(s) into professional on-line surveys No need to have to fiddle with survey builders. Our staff does the work for you
Multilingual – Easy-to-use, web-based, multi-lingual survey system Data is available to statisticians and consultants in raw format
Skip Logic – Full skip logic embedded into system Data is available to anyone the administrator gives access to in aggregate, easy-to-use graphical format, improving the usability and understandability of data
Raw Data Download – Data is available in raw format (Excel) in real-time to administrators Minor tweaking of wording is common, and eCOMPAS allows non-technical staff to tweak the wording prior to survey launch
Visual Analytics- Data is also reportable, graphically using the eCOMPAS Visual Analytics system Skip logic is embedded into the question flow, so clients and field workers never have to read complex skip logic again. The system does all the work for them resulting in more valid surveys being collected, shorter survey time, less field worker training, and less frustration
Editable Wording – Wording of questions can be tweaked by survey administrators through web-based administration, and can “lock” the survey so no further edits can occur One innovative use of this web-based method is to not stop the client satisfaction surveying after the collection period, but instead to make the client satisfaction survey available as needed. This provides rolling, ongoing client satisfaction data to be collected each day/week/month, giving a more real-time view of your population’s experiences
Rolling Needs Assessment – can now occur with new client intakes
Real-time data – You can allows for the tracking of completed valid surveys against targets that the planning council has set