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We have a simple ethos – “If you do good things for good people, good things will happen.” This philosophy is in the work that we do, in building long-term relationships with our clients, and in our holistic approach to employee relations.

“I love programming and doing creative things, I can create and design my own things in a way that I couldn’t if I was in IT.”

– Senior Web Developer

“RDE is a facilitator of self-growth, they will take time to invest in a novice employee. Here it’s about having an impact for the greater good of people’s health.”

– Project Manager

“One unique thing about RDE is the leadership freedom. Everyone will have the ability to do their own thing and have a responsibility. You will learn managerial/ leadership skills just through exposure and absorption. Everybody is working with each other instead of for each other. Work-life balance and flexibility are recognized as important here. At RDE you can still have some time for yourself.”

– Support Coordinator

“My motivation to succeed is automatic self-progression. I want to finish this project because I want to get it done, I want to see the final product work, I want the satisfaction of that final task; I love seeing the results when the client says “‘this is so helpful.'”

– Senior Web Developer and Security Expert

What’s it like working here?

Working at RDE is the opposite of being a nameless cog in a corporate machine. We give our developers opportunities to take on a variety of roles, whether they’re interested in front-end design, back-end scripting, code hacking, security analysis, project management, or client interaction. Every day presents new challenges to explore your potential.

Who should apply?

Someone who…

• Enjoys finding innovative solutions to interesting problems.
• Is knowledgeable of web development concepts.
• Is interested in all levels of production.
• Has proficiency in a server-side scripting language.
• Loves to learn, contribute, and help others.
• Is comfortable with source code control systems.
• Has experience with SQL and relational database theory.
• Works with JavaScript and major framework libraries.
• Is informed about UI design and styling concepts & technologies.
• Others describe as self-motivated, friendly, and personable.

“I’m passionate about this career because we are helping people who really need it. I could be working in a tech company that has nothing to do with public health. Here, we have a direct impact, we can save lives, we can improve outcomes, that is all the reason needed to stay passionate about what I do.”

– Senior Web Developer

“I’m truly passionate about RDE since I know the impact that it has. Everything we do has a purpose; It is really meaningful and we are always doing positive work to help people.”

– Support Coordinator

“Helping others drives me, and our warm and welcoming culture is a facility for that. Here there is only room for improvement and growth thanks to teamwork and a strong foundation.”

– Office Manager

Knowing that this is helping improve people’s lives. It’s more than just a product or a store, it is actually providing a service that is helping people’s everyday lives and living.

– Project Manager

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