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Why should I want to join the RDE team?

RDE is a company based on a simple ethos – “If you do good things for good people, good things will happen.” This philosophy runs through every aspect of our company, from the work that we do with disadvantaged communities, to our seeking long-term relationships with our clients rather than trying to make a quick buck and our holistic approach to employee relations. We believe in building better by building right. For more information, please review the About Us page.

What’s it like working on the RDE Team?

Working at RDE is very different from being just another cog in a large corporate machine. We offer prospective developers the opportunity to take on many different roles: front-end design, back-end scripting, code hacking, security analysis, project management, and client interaction are all aspects of project development that developers are responsible for here. Every day offers new challenges and opportunities to explore your potential.

What is RDE looking for in a candidate?

RDE Systems is currently searching for full-time web developers who want to grow with us. The ideal candidate would have both the following personal traits and technical skills:

A passion to help others and contribute.

Self-motivated: not just another cog in a machine.

Interested in being involved in any and all levels of production, from planning to testing and post-launch support.

Finds joy in learning new skills and finding innovative solutions to interesting problems.

Friendly and personable: enjoys interacting with both staff and clients.

Works well with a team.

Knowledgeable of web development concepts and experienced in a server-side scripting language, such as Adobe ColdFusion or PHP or .NET.

Experience with SQL, such as Microsoft SQL Server, and understanding of relational database theory.

Experience with source control systems.

Understanding of user interface design and styling concepts & technologies, such as CSS.

Experience with JavaScript and major framework libraries, such as jQuery.

How can you apply for an interview or receive more information?

Send us all inquiries and résumés to or

RDE Employee Testimonials

"The best part of RDE is the flexibility of my hours and a stress-free working environment."


"We all bring our own unique skill-set to the table and have different backgrounds, allowing RDE to take on any type of project."

Software Engineer, NJIT graduate

"The best thing about working at RDE is the small company day to day atmosphere which allows me to challenge myself, feel like a major contributor to the organizational goal, and have fun."

Software Engineer, NJIT graduate

"The team is rock solid."

Software Engineer, NJIT graduate

"I have learned more in RDE than all of my time at school."

Software Engineer, NJIT graduate

"Having the space to think things through and come up with my own implementations, in conjunction with the direct contact we have with users allows me to produce better code – it’s a win-win situation."

Software Engineer, NJIT graduate

"I’ve been with RDE since high school – over a decade. That must say something."

Network Engineer, NJIT Graduate

"Praise from colleagues and especially from clients is a huge motivating factor for me. I feel that working elsewhere would not allow me to interact with clients and that I would miss out on this."

Software Engineer, NJIT graduate