Your health. Simplified.

e2MyHealth, a Patient Portal Design Challenge award-winner, is a web-based, ongoing personal health record for medical appointments, diagnoses, prescriptions, recommendations, and any other data useful for tracking one’s medical history. Patients can securely access their health information from any device at any time. With e2MyHealth, patients’ records are always available to their doctors without requesting records each time they see a new doctor or specialist. With its user-friendly and intuitive design, e2MyHealth can be used by anyone, regardless of health literacy or technical skill.

Features of e2MyHealth

  • Secure Patient Access.  e2MyHealth is securely accessible via any device connected to the internet, including smart phones.  Clients can register for an account directly through e2MyHealth, utilizing a secure access code provided by recipient or subrecipient staff. As part of the registration process, basic demographic information on the patient will be collected. Client accounts are secured, so that only the individual client and authorized recipient or subrecipient staff will have access to the patient’s information.
  • Client Application for Services, Enrollment and Eligibility Certification/Recertification.  Clients have the ability to submit applications for services and submit information and documentation needed for eligibility determinations and recertifications.  All data and documentation submitted via e2MyHealth will be entered into the client’s record in eCOMPAS. Validations, prompts and reminders are implemented guide clients through the registration process, and ensure data quality and completeness.
  • Secure Document Uploader and Tracker.  A secure document upload feature enables clients to submit required documents, medical data and other information.
  • Medication Reminders and Appointment Reminders.  Text message reminders for taking medications are sent to the client’s mobile device.  Text message reminders for labs and medical appointments can also be sent via e2MyHealth.
  • Prescription Services.  Clients will be able to communicate with recipient or subrecipient staff regarding requests for prescriptions.  e2MyHealth can be configured and linked to pharmacy resources to manage filling, delivery and delivery tracking for prescriptions, and billing for prescriptions.
  • Patient Self-reporting and Gamification.  Patients have the ability to report taking medications and attendance at medical appointments, and will receive affirming messages and virtual prizes for successful adherence.  A client’s self-reported data will be entered into the client’s record in eCOMPAS and used to track adherence.
  • Secure Messaging.  Clients and recipient or subrecipient staff will be able to communicate in real-time, using a secure messaging feature. 
  • Links to Resources.  Links to other resources are provided, giving clients access to information about services provided by the recipient, clinic locations, and educational materials relating to HIV Prevention and treatment.
  • Administrative Features.  Administrative features will enable recipient or subrecipient administrators to create and manage accounts for staff, and will enable staff to create and manage accounts for client users, with roles and permissions implemented to protect confidential client data.
  • Access to Data for Adherence Tracking, Alerts and Reminders, and QM for Recipient and Subrecipient Staff.  Client-entered data, including data on compliance with the medication regimens, will be entered into eCOMPAS, and will be available to recipient and subrecipient staff for analysis, utilizing the reporting and data analysis features of eCOMPAS, including Visual Analytics and the HAB Measures report.  Case managers will receive Alerts and Reminders where client-entered data indicates that a client is not adherent to a medication regimen or is in danger of falling out of care.
  • Client Satisfaction Survey Linkage. Clients can receive a link to take a brief client satisfaction survey after services have been entered into eCOMPAS. Data from these surveys can be used to monitor and improve the services your clients receive.